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Lokshala (shOObh Group initiative) provides FREE access for low-income and special kids to the cultural, sporting, and educational venues of their community. We believe that amusement & water parks, museums, concerts, movie & drama shows, art & education workshops and trips to the zoo should be part of every childhood. That’s why we work to provide experiences that can spark an interest, ignite a passion, and shape a future without limits.


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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. We belong to the privileged who have been bestowed with accessibility and luxuries. There are a few smiles that you can donate, a few million dreams that you may help to realize. The tiny wishes, that you have power to fulfill for those who've forgotten to wish. We are talking about the underprivileged and special children who have been deprived of their basic need of being happy. Their world comprises of smirking walls, books and a long wait.

We at Lokshala wish to provide free access to the colorful world of delightful experiences. There is this arena of dreams, we wish to unlock the doors for them. The amusement parks, water parks, museums, theatre, concerts, movies, educational tours, worships, visit to zoo and the list is endless and comes with a price tag. We now stretch our hands and solicit your contributions and support by providing us with passes which would get a free entry to these places for these children.

Let us together work and provide this space to them, who deserves to experience this world.


Let's spark an interest, ignite a passion, shape a future and let them spread their wings before they fly….the sky is their’s


About shOObh: shOObh Group Welfare Society is a non-profit community based organization working in the field of community-service and action, education, health, personal growth and improvement, social welfare and self-help for the disadvantaged. Our programs are designed to educate people on human welfare issues. In all of shOObh Group projects different art forms are used to convey the message. shOObh Group is working on different social issues. 

All Donations to shOObh Group Welfare Society are 50% Tax Exempted under section 80G of IT Act, 1961.

The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) has granted Special Consultative Status to shOObh.